Overcoming Overeating

By: Cheryl Poulin - Weight Loss Coach

Overcoming overeating or overcoming binge eating can seem almost impossible for anyone engaging in this kind of “out of control eating”.

There’s an overwhelming sensation that sweeps over you and the next thing you know you’re staring at the bottom of an empty bag of cookies wondering what the heck just happened? “I was going to limit myself to only 2 cookies! And now I’ve done it again! I’m so weak. I have no self-control. Why can’t I stick to my diet?”

And of course, the woe-is-me-pity-party begins and another weekend binge ensues with the promise of starting back on your diet on Monday. “Whew! Once I get past this weekend I’ll be really good. Now, where are those chips…”

So what’s really going on here? How does an overeater or binge eater sort of “black out” for so long that we don’t realize we’re eating an entire bag of cookies? Where does the disconnection begin and what sweeps over us that we’re compelled to grab the bag of cookies in the first place?

What if there’s nothing wrong with you at all and you could turn this around?

What if you’ve become incredibly good at pushing down your emotions? What if you are one of those very highly sensitive individuals? What if you’re always putting yourself last? What if you’re just lonely? What if the food you eat every day is so addictive that it’s messing with your ability to control these enormous cravings? What if there’s nothing wrong with you at all and you could turn this around?

Overcoming overeating is very possible. A change in the foods you eat and those you stock in your kitchen, can help you turn this around. Is it easy to do? Of course not or you would already be doing it! But it is simple. Will you have to address some coping mechanisms you’re currently resorting to? Well, yeah. Will it be uncomfortable? Most likely it will be, though only for a little while. Is it worth it? It is SO worth it.

You have it in you to stop the merry-go-round madness of overeating and then feeling bad about it. And you don’t need a shrink to do it. If you’re a person who is functional in your day-to-day life, you can quit overeating and binging. Believe it. It’s true!

A Life Coach who specializes in Health & Wellness can be your most powerful partner to help you in this area of your life. Overeating is not just about the food we eat. Sometimes it’s about how we turn to food for the wrong reasons. It’s said that you are what you eat. Well, I have news for you. Sometimes you are what’s eating you. It’s a habit and habits can be broken.

Overcoming overeating is very possible.

Someone who binges or overeats will be triggered by many factors. Everyone’s buttons get pushed differently. Working with a Life Coach will help you identify triggers so that you can choose a better response than gorging on chips or cookies. You’ll develop new skills to use in all areas of your life. Overcoming overeating is very possible. You have it in you to get past this. You are not powerless. You just need to find and use your power. A Life Coach can help you do just that.

Working with a Life Coach is an amazing gift you can give yourself. You deserve optimal health!

As you contemplate going forward toward healthier habits keep some things in mind.

Don’t label yourself as an overeater or compulsive eater, or emotional eater…or worse, let someone else label you that way. When we label ourselves it’s very detrimental to the progress we want to make. It’s not who you are at all, so why label yourself that way?

Be more loving toward you. It’s so easy after you’ve binged or overeaten to call yourself nasty names. Doing that won’t change the fact that you decided to overeat. Accept that you overate and move on.

Believe that it’s in you to change.

Watch for a tendency to say things like, “I’m out of control.” “My whole life is unmanageable.” Really? How true is that? OK, so you chose to overeat. That’s not out of your control. That was a choice. Even if it was poor judgment at the time, you still had control. Believe that it’s in you to change.

With the help of a Health and Wellness Coach you can develop new ways of dealing with life’s challenges, bumps and bruises. You can rid yourself of limiting beliefs. And better yet, you can silence the inner critic once and for all. How awesome would that feel? Think about it.

Your journey to optimal health begins today. 

By: Cheryl Poulin - Weight Loss Coach

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