Benefits of Gratitude:
Way More Than You Realize

What are the benefits of gratitude?  Considerable work has been done in the science of gratitude where studies and research have provided new insights and measurable results.  The findings indicate that in general, people who adopt an attitude of gratitude experience healthier and happier lives.  Take a look at what the researchers are discovering.  This is just what you need to light your spark of inspiration.

Mental Benefits

Being grateful and thankful has a positive impact on our mental state in many ways.  Those who adopt an attitude of gratitude and are thankful for the gifts that life provides every day experience a happier and blissful life.  They find that gratitude promotes resilience and this resilience helps them recover from difficult events. They are better able to deal with adversity and are more likely to cope better with stress and daily challenges.

Living life in a state of gratitude is one of the most reliable ways of increasing personal happiness. It enhances joy and pleasure and increases overall satisfaction with life.  In this state people not only feel greater happiness but experience less anxiety and depression while feeling more compassion for, and connection to, others. 

When people enjoy a greater level of positive feelings and emotions they are more likely to see a brighter future and are more likely to feel happier and be more optimistic.  These positive feelings result in more self-confidence, increased mental energy and activity, increased mental alertness and a general feeling of well-being.

Physical Benefits

In addition to the mental benefits derived from an attitude of gratitude, there is an abundance of physical benefits of gratitude that research has revealed as well. Big among them is an overall improvement in health resulting from better eating habits, regular exercise, better sleep and the ability to relax more completely.

People who are thankful and practice an attitude of gratitude are more likely to have stronger immune systems and experience increased physical energy.  Findings indicate that people who make expressing gratitude a daily ritual are more likely to actively maintain their health and take better care of themselves.

Social Benefits

As well as the mental and physical benefits of gratitude, there is evidence that gratitude actually makes relationships stronger.  Being grateful and thankful results in people feeling closer and making deeper connections to those around them.  Living life filled with gratitude tends to increase compassion for others as well as create a stronger desire to help, share and give.

When it comes to gratitude, it appears there are many benefits to be enjoyed.  So what’s holding you back?  What’s stopping you from creating your attitude of gratitude?  Don’t know where to start?  Learn more here.

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