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Let's Break Free and
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Coaches... it's time to break free… to move to a new level... to think outside of the box.  It's time to expand your possibilities.  It's time to launch or expand your coaching practice.  It's time you attracted more new clients.

How would it feel to break free from the traditional, wheel spinning approach of launching your website?  How would you enjoy getting out of the fog of uncertainty and indecision?  How would you like to move into action… move into overdrive?

What’s The Big Idea?
Break Free with Lifeelicious

Lifeelicious has been created to provide you with immediate, mid-term and long-term benefits.  What’s that look like?  Like this... Introducing clients to your coaching business via the web in the shortest possible time and building relationships which can last forever. 

That's money in the bank. 

The Lifeelicious Road Map to Success


  1. Get your content on the web in the shortest possible time using Lifeelicious. - You create the content and we do the rest.  It's that simple!  No distractions.
  2. Enjoy the benefit of Lifeelicious traffic as soon as you are published on the site.
  3. Select the Domain Name you want to use and let us register it for you.  Very inexpensive and important for the long term transition.
  4. Using your unique Domain Name, send visitors directly to your mini-site on Lifeelicious - No need to delay Business Cards.
  5. Enjoy the immediate benefit of having a professional, respectable web presence to support your coaching business.

Mid Term

  1. Now, that you have removed the pressure to get a website up quickly, begin planning your own long term, professional website to support your business.
  2. When you are ready, subscribe to the service that we use to build all of our websites, SBI. It's fully featured providing a smooth transition to your own site.
  3. Build your own site while you maintain your professional presence on Lifeelicious.  Build it yourself or we can help you.
  4. Make a seamless, easy transition from Lifeelicious to your site whenever you are ready.

Long Term

  1. Continue to enjoy the benefits of being with Lifeelicious and your own site as long as you want!
  2. Grow your coaching business and prosper.  You will never outgrow SBI.

What's stopping you from putting this plan into action NOW?  Contact us to learn more.

Get Service details and pricing.

Immediate Benefits

You have defined your niche and you are ready to offer services and you really want to establish a web presence to help present those.  But… you are unsure of how to proceed with your website. 

Pressure is mounting and you are running out of time.  Chances are you will set out in a direction without fully understanding what lies ahead.  That’s perfectly natural.  It happens to more people than you know.

Lifeelicious provides you a straightforward, safe, quick way to establish a fully functioning web presence to satisfy all of your immediate needs.  What is the benefit of that?  It's simple, really.

You have a web presence that enables you to continue your training,  developing your business and marketing your services without delay or distraction.

What distraction?  Distraction from developing your coaching skills and developing your business.

What delay?  The delay of establishing your own presence on the web.

Mid-Term Benefits

Once you have your Lifeelicious site supporting your business, you will have removed the urgency related to the development of your long term website.  Removing the urgency reduces the pressure and allows you to proceed rationally and safely in creating your website without compromise. 

Oh, the freedom!  Now you have time to learn.  Now you have time to plan.  Now you have time to choose. 

And we have wonderful long term solutions for you to create your professional website.  Of course we can help you do that and make a smooth transition from Lifeelicious to your site as well.

Long-Term Benefits

Even with your long-term site up and running, you can choose to stay as part of the Lifeelicious family as long as you wish.  You can use Lifeelicious as a resource and a tool to drive traffic to your own site.

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