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How different is a business coach from a life coach?  Many tend to think of coaching as being divided into different specialities.  And in truth, to some degree, it is.  Thinking in these terms is particularly true when it comes to Life Coaching and Business or Corporate Coaching.  It is sometimes perceived that these are very different practices and coaches who work in one area are not equipped to work in the other.  Well, that’s not necessarily true.  Don’t believe me?  Read on.

There is no doubt that business is structured much differently than life.  Business tends to focus and revolve around structure, process, objectives, systems, performance measurement, financial management, bottom line profitability, marketing, sales and the management of resources, etc.  It’s all very structured.  In the meantime life in general may appear, on the surface at least, to be a much more haphazard affair.  Not that it’s haphazard, but it’s a much more personal affair than business.  And so it follows for some, that to coach in these two different worlds, requires very different skills.

Consider this… the truth is that life coaching is not all that different from business coaching or corporate coaching.  How could that possibly be?  Well, let’s examine it for a moment.  What is coaching all about?  What is really going on when we coach?

Coaching is all about helping individuals move forward and to become more than they believe they can be.  It is about increasing personal levels of performance beyond the self-imposed limits that constrain them.  It's about helping clients see things from new and broader perspectives.  It’s about challenging and changing beliefs that hold them back.  It's all about raising energy levels of individuals to allow them to grow and thrive, to engage and excel. It's about empowering individuals to take meaningful, positive action in their lives.  It is about creating sustainable change... at a personal level.

Yes, at a personal level.  Whether you are dealing with life or with business, you are dealing with people.  That’s where the rubber meets the road.  That’s where it all happens… right at the personal level.  When people don’t perform, business doesn’t perform.  It’s that simple. 

There is no doubt that when we coach in a business environment, we coach within a context of a business structure.  There is hierarchy, chains of command, power, politics, rules, competition, commitment or lack of same, alignment or lack of alignment.  And each business has its own culture, its own rituals and its own rules.  And to be sure, business even has its own language.  And there’s energy.  There is lots of energy… at a personal level and at a corporate level.  And we coaches, especially iPEC coaches, love energy. 

So what makes life coaching and business coaching so different?  It’s not the process of coaching.  It’s the impact of the coaching experience.  In Life coaching we help one person at a time achieve better results and outcomes in their life.  But in business, outcomes have a multiplier effect.  The business term for this is “leverage”.  How does that work?

When a coach works with a business leader who finds new understanding and new ways of seeing the world and new ways of engaging and inspiring others, the whole organization changes.  Imagine the ripple effect of that.  Imagine the leverage that comes from shifting the perspective of one person to enhance the performance of many.  It’s just like how moving the fulcrum under a lever can change the whole dynamic of effort and result.  That’s why it’s called leverage.

And when a coach works with others throughout an organization the change can be as profound as changing the culture completely.  It can result in sharpening focus, enhancing engagement and improving overall performance.  And that can lead to sustainable growth for the organization.

Maintaining growth and competitive advantage are always important to business survival.  Good service simply doesn’t cut it anymore.  Great service is the expected norm.  Exceptional service wins the day.  Want to move your business forward?  Have you hit a wall?  Don’t know where to turn?  Consider what a corporate coach can do for you. 

These are dramatic times for small and large businesses.  Are you dealing with dramatic changes in your business?  Need someone to help you find your answers?  Consider what a business coach can do for you.

Whether working with teams or coaching one-on-one, coaches can help you make an amazing impact on your business.  From C level executives, through teams to individual employees, coaches can help make an amazing difference.
Consider what a coach can do for you today.  Consider the possibilities.  Bring the powerful innovation of a corporate or business coach to your team.

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