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Which business resources do you choose to support your coaching practice?  With so many choices, what are the wisest choices in selecting tools to market your business?  What are the best tools to support your daily operations?

We have spent considerable time in this area and we are happy to share what we have discovered.  We have even added free resources to help you along your way.

Website Recommendations

This is an area where options abound.  With so many choices, which is the most cost effective, efficient way to proceed?  Which will get you results?  We have recommendations for you.

Here is our all-time favorite.  This is how we build all of our websites.  This is a one-stop-shop for everything you need for success.  While you are visiting, use the toll free number to ask these folks any questions you need answered about the service. 

Click the Graphic below for more information.  


WordPress is a very well known way to create a web presence.  With thousands of plugins and templates, the number of options can be somewhat overwhelming and the trial and error time consuming.

If you are committed to using WordPress here is a product to pave the way and focus you on business success.

Click the Graphic below for more information.


We know some folks who have shown an interest in WIX.  We have not used it to any real extent so cannot recommend it based on our firsthand experience.  But if it's of interest to you, here it is. 

Accounting and Payment Processing

We have used a variety of accounting systems over the years.  They all work well.  But when we discovered this one, we fell in love with it.

We use it to invoice clients and accept online payments.  That's just a start since it can do so much more. 

Click the Graphic below for more information.


Calendaring and Booking

We looked at quite a number of calendaring and booking services.  We chose this one and use it to book our coaching appointments on Lifeelicious.

We chose it because it is feature rich and also provides a means to accept online payments if you wish to use that feature.  There are two features we really like. 

  1. It can send out reminder emails to your clients before a scheduled appointment to reduce no-shows,
  2. There is a feature that synchronizes this calendar with your Google calendar if you use one.

Free Business Resources

Looking for guidance in building a successful business on the web?   One of the keys is writing to connect with your visitors and build trust.  Here's a free book to provide you with wonderful information on how to write for the web

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