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Cheryl Poulin CPC, ELI-MP Life Coach

Hello and welcome to my biography page.  I'm Cheryl Poulin and I just want to give you a little background on myself and why I decided to become a Self-Esteem Coach.

First, I'm a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) having graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).  The institute has many credentials including International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation. 


I've always been a leader and teacher of sorts.  I'm an artist and I teach adults how to tap into their creative spirit.  Time and time again, I see how people's beliefs affect their success or lack of success in their lives.  It comes to me naturally to be able to help shift people into believing in themselves a bit more.  And that makes me feel SO good.

So I thought, why not get trained and do this professionally?  So I did.

I trained in the Core Energy Coaching™ process and I'm also certified as an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI MP).


Originally I wanted to become a weight loss coach.  Having struggled with my weight most of my life and then finding a measure of better health, I wanted to help others achieve the same thing.  Plus I knew it was a multi-million dollar industry and let's face it, I want to earn a good living.

However, I realized that I was creating a noble and perhaps easy money-making niche for myself but it never sat well with me.   I realized that I don't want people to lose weight in order for them to function optimally and live a happy life.  That's putting your life on hold.  I did it for years!!  It went like this...  "My life will get better when I lose 40 pounds, I'd be so happy if I could just lose those 20 pounds, I'll feel sexier when...." 

I realized with all my body, mind and soul that I want to work with people whose self-esteem and self-image is getting in the way of moving forward in their lives.  I want to empower them to realize their full potential NOW and live a happy successful life right now, NOT a certain number of pounds from now!


If your self-esteem is so low that you're attracting less than ideal relationships, you can't seem to get promoted, you feel stuck in a rut personally and professionally, I can help you. 

If your poor body-image is keeping you from experiencing joy and self-love.  If you hate yourself and avoid the mirror at all costs for whatever reason, I can help you.

I work with men and women who are ready to achieve their goals, reach their dreams and live with a sense of purpose and belonging. 

I believe you deserve to live your life out loud and that you're worthy of love.

Let's co-create a relationship built on trust and professionalism.

For more information, contact me here.

I've written a couple of articles you may find of interest. 

The first is about building self-esteem and the other is about overcoming low-self esteem.  I hope you enjoy and perhaps put some of these ideas into practice.

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