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Cheryl Poulin CPC, ELI-MP
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My coaching specialty is to work with men and women suffering from low self-esteem and / or poor body-image who want to achieve more confidence and optimal health in mind, body and spirit.

Moving them from being less than the person they truly are.  Helping them feel more complete and able to move forward in their lives with feelings of confidence, empowerment and renewed energy.

I’m a Self-Esteem Coach, it's my specialty.

Working with me, you’re going to learn to de-bunk your limiting beliefs.  You'll shift your thoughts and you'll discover powerful new results that come from quieting your inner critic.  You'll be challenged on the assumptions you make and take an eye-opening look at some of your interpretations of events and situations. 

Of course that means some hard work but if I decide we're a good fit, I'll know you're ready and committed to it.  I know you want your dreams to come true and that you want to achieve your goals...you just need some help along the way.  Frankly, everyone can use a certified coach!

As your coach I always respect your agenda.  I never judge you.  I champion you all the way so you won’t be alone.  As your coach I know you have the answers within you and I will always be asking wide open and empowering questions to help you draw on those answers.  This is all about you and where you want to go.  I'm here to help clarify things along the way and make your journey as awesome as it can be!

Want to know why I became a certified life coach specializing in self-esteem and body image?  Here is my short bio....

"It's hard work but the payoff is enormous!"

As I said earlier, it's hard work, but the payoff is enormous!    The payoff is that you’ll have a better relationship with you and a new found sense of well-being.  Imagine how that would feel!  That my friend is priceless!

So… how curious are you about what coaching would be like for you?  Contact me about  The Metamorphosis Factor, your first step in discovering your full potential.  It's time to leave the cocoon and soar like a butterfly!

What is The Metamorphosis Factor?

What is The Metamorphosis Factor?

The Metamorphosis Factor  is an online assessment that tells you how likely you are to raise your self-esteem so that you can experience increased confidence, more success and joy in every area of your life

It's a snap shot of where your are right now.  It's not a personality quiz rather, it's a brilliant attitudinal assessment.  We can't change our personality but we CAN change our attitudes. 

Purchase The Metamorphosis Factortoday. Includes the online assessment, the results of the assessment and a 1-hour telephone de-brief session with me.

When I receive your completed assessment, I will be in touch via e-mail to set up a one-hour telephone appointment to de-brief you on your results.  I will send a copy of the assessment report to you about 24 hours before our scheduled call.  After our de-brief session, we can decide on the best way to approach our coaching relationship.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, by all means contact me here.

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