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Here on our Coach Marketing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page you will find answers to questions we have been asked about our service.  But we offer a bit more for your consideration.

There is no single, simple answer to how to market Coaching Services, or any services for that matter.  The truth is, effectively marketing coaching services demands that attention be paid to a number of elements.  Those elements require development and coordination so that they truly complement each other and form a cohesive marketing program.

So what are those elements?  Here is a short list:

  • Building a brand
  • Defining a coaching specialty
  • Defining a niche and target marketing
  • Development of services
  • Developing trust and loyalty
  • Promoting services
  • Selling
  • Supporting

QUESTION: Branding.  So how important is branding? 

ANSWER: Specialists will tell you that it is very important.  What image do you want to present?  What message do you want to send?  Branding is an important part of that.  As a coach you will build your brand to stand out from the crowd.  There are experts to help you.

QUESTION: Whom do you serve?  What is your niche?

ANSWER: Narrowly defining whom you serve provides focus.  Focus allows you to define what services you provide and what specific benefits clients can enjoy.  Sure coaches are coaches and Doctors are Doctors, but you wouldn’t go to a Dentist for brain surgery.  So define your coaching niche to attract clients with whom you desire to work.

QUESTION: What do you provide? What problem do you solve?  What is your speciality?

ANSWER: This will be greatly influenced by how you define your niche.  Where does your experience lie?  If you have spent 15 years in the corporate world, where and in what capacity did you serve?  Have you been in IT?  Have you been in the executive body?  What is your life experience?  How does it relate to your passion and how you serve others? 

QUESTION: What are the benefits?  What transition will your client make?

ANSWER: Describe how your clients will benefit from your coaching.  Describe the changes they will experience and feel.  Describe how their lives will be better as a result of working with you.

QUESTION: How do you deliver services?

ANSWER: Here is where you decide how you want to engage with your clients.  Do you choose to deliver your services online, by phone, in groups, 1-on-1, in person, etc?

QUESTION: What is your message?  What are you about?  What motivates you?

ANSWER: Here is an opportunity to communicate your inner passion and your unique positioning to show how what you provide is uniquely yours.  This is where everything you are, have experienced and learned becomes part of your unique service offering.

QUESTION: How do you establish your credibility?

ANSWER: You can establish your credibility and become an authority in your field in many ways.  Public exposure is key.  You can become an author and a public speaker.  You can broadcast video and audio presentations and interviews.  You can share your vision and ideas in the written word with people worldwide.

We live in a time where there is more access to the public than ever before.  Long gone are the days when publishers controlled what authors were published.  You can now write and self-publish and distribute your book in hard copy or electronically through any number of channels. 

Gone are the days when radio and TV controlled broadcasting of information.  The World Wide Web provides access to the world like never before.  You can get your message out and interact and engage actively with people around the world.  What an amazing way to earn credibility!  Similarly, you can publish video, host seminars, broadcast radio interviews into the far reaches of the world.  It is a new era in mass communications.

QUESTION: What role does the Internet and my website play in promoting my business?

ANSWER: That answer is entirely up to you.  You may choose to any role you like, from minor to major, in promoting your business.  A minor role would be a website that you send visitors to read about your services.  It would be an online brochure.  A major role would be a website that attracts visitors, builds relationships and trust, promotes your business and helps close sales.    

QUESTION: How do I harness the power of the Internet?
ANSWER: There is an endless supply of information and services focused on how to make best use of the web to market and support any business, your coaching practice included.  Not all services provide great value.  Not all services use the same strategy.  Not all services provide the same results.

Strategically, here is what you need.  You need to be found by potential clients.  You need to create interest in what you say, do and offer.  You need to engage visitors.  You need to reengage and build a loyal following.  You need to develop rapport and trust with visitors, prospects and clients.  You need to make the sale.  You need to provide service of real value that over delivers.  You need to leave your clients, if they ever leave at all, as raging fans!  You need to provide a lasting presence to deliver ongoing value.

QUESTION: What is the best way to build a lasting effective presence?

ANSWER: Fads come and go on the Internet, but we know there is one consistent factor that does not change.  Traffic is king.  And to deliver a good, steady, consistent, flow of valuable traffic you need great content.  There’s no trickery required… no gimmicks either.  Great content, of value to your clients, builds a solid foundation for your website to support your business over the long haul.

QUESTION: How do I attract traffic to my website?

ANSWER: There are many ways to attract visitors to your website.  You can pay the search engines to list you early in the search results.  You can develop and design your site so that search engines love your content and list you for free early in the search results.  You can develop a mail list of fans and followers who you can contact regularly and invite back to your website.  You can integrate a blog and post new content to your blog regularly to attract visitors to your site.  You can be actively engaged in social media sites such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, just to name a few.  All of these can integrate with, and direct visitor traffic to, your site.  And that traffic is where your business opportunities lie. 

QUESTION: How difficult is it to build a website that plays a major, active role in developing and promoting my coaching practice?

ANSWER: Anyone can learn how to do this.  Alternatively, there are services that can do it for you, which you may choose if you are not interested in this type of work or if you simply do not have the time to dedicate to it.

QUESTION: What are my options?

ANSWER: We prefer SBI since it provides everything you need and more.  It provides training, research tools, development tools, hosting, performance measurement, ongoing, up-to-date guidance and top-notch support.  We say that SBI is to website creation what iPEC is to coach training… you simply cannot get anything better.  You can build it yourself or have someone do it for you.  We will do it for you if you would like us to.

If you are committed to using WordPress, SBI has tools to help you there as well.

If you would like a “home away from home”, you can join us here at Lifeelicious and have your content published quickly while you are working out the details of your new website.  Get a quick start and access to traffic and all you have to focus on is your content.

We are happy to have shared with you what we know about coach marketing in general.

There is no doubt that one of the biggest questions coaches ask is: “How do I market my services and get new clients?”  And of course there is no shortage of answers to that question.  It sometimes seems that there is a whole industry focused on providing Marketing Services to coaches.  We hope that we have given you some insight and possibly new options that you can capitalize on.

If you don't find the information you are looking for, feel free to use the Coach Marketing FAQ Inquiry at the bottom of this page.

Now here are Coach Marketing FAQ’s about our Lifeelicious Service.

Coach Marketing FAQ's About Lifeelicious Services For Coaches


Question: You say that this is a major, content rich site with traffic drawn to this niche. I don’t understand what ‘drawn to this niche’ means. 

Answer: We create very large sites based on a single theme with pages of content built in response to what our keyword research tells us people are looking for. Not everybody is looking for a coach.  Many are looking for help in some area of their lives such as death, grieving, divorce, career change, retirement, family matters, etc.  So we write to provide valuable information on those matters.  This results in our sites ranking very highly with the major search engines such as Google and Bing.  We know how to attract searchers from the search engine results pages to the website. In addition, we use social networks and newsletters to engage and/or attract visitors.  That traffic is drawn to our niche. 

Question: You say that you provide exposure to pre-qualified visitors. What does this mean? 

Answer: This relates to the answer to question 1.  The content on our sites is created to inform and build relationships with visitors.  Over time we become trusted as experts in our field, which creates an environment where visitors are more inclined to buy services or products.  We use the term pre-qualified because the visitors who are drawn to us are interested in what we have to say and offer.  Let’s face it; they’re not looking to buy a car at

Future Growth

Question: What do you mean by “clear path for future growth”?

Answer: We know that provides a wonderful, richly featured platform for students and new coaches to launch their web presence with minimal effort and expense.  We have done everything we can to make an amazing value for our coaches.  And as we learn more about what our coaches want we will add more services and value.  In fact we would like to make it so amazing that nobody leaves! 

But we also know that some coaches will want more than we can provide or may want their very own web site.  We understand that as well.  And for those coaches we will be happy to help.  We can build their new site for them or provide them the tools and methodology for them to do it themselves.  Either way there is a path for future growth.


Question: You say that we coaches provide our content and you do the work to build our part of the site. What about building and maintenance?  How often can we send amendments and more content? 

Answer: This is a great question.  We could say that we will make a reasonable number of changes, but what is reasonable?  After each mini-site is established, we will provide free maintenance to address errors and problems.  We will also update content on existing pages by adding complete blocks of text, removing complete blocks of text or replacing complete blocks of text based on our clients' instructions.  This will be a cut and paste operation.  We will also add/replace graphics when graphics are provided to us and comply with size and quality requirements that we will establish. 

Additional pages and features will be addressed as needs arise and may or may not result in additional charges to be negotiated before work is started.  The essence here is that we will do as much as we reasonably can to provide coaches with free support of their mini-sites.  Where the demands of any coach for support services are excessive, we will reserve the right to charge a reasonable rate for those services.

Site Structure And Features

Question: What if coaches don't want 2 pages dedicated to the iPEC coaching principles and niche/specialty page?  Could they take this content and incorporate it into one of the others? 

Answer: We believe there is benefit in using a standard format for mini-sites.  It provides a consistent navigation structure for the presentation of services by each coach that visitors will become comfortable with using.  It will also provide a consistent template for us to use in setting up each mini-site.
However we are flexible and the needs of our coaches come first, so there is no requirement for coaches to follow our recommended structure as long as the alternative provides well-defined pages and navigation.

Question: You say you provide a Blog and a newsletter.  Do people typically have a Blog AND a Newsletter?  Will the newsletter have the capability to send to my personal email list?
Answer: The short answer is YES you can have both a BLOG and a Newsletter since they serve different purposes.  We are looking at ways to integrate Blogs into the site.  We know we can integrate one blog but we have to determine how to integrate a unique blog for each coach. 

Our starting position is to have a newsletter that serves the entire site.  We will invite coaches to write articles for the newsletter and provide a link back to their specific mini-site to drive traffic directly to them.  We will be able to add individual newsletters later, but that will be at additional cost since we will have to buy that service.  We may be able to benefit from economies of scale in the pricing from the vendor since we will be serving a number of coaches.  We will look for opportunities to buy in bulk and pass the savings on. 

Question: Will you provide tools where coaches can take ongoing notes of their clients as the relationship grows and for each session? 

Answer: If you have a Client Management System (CMS) such as iPEC's Coaching Campus we are happy to integrate it into your site.

Question: As a part of Lifeelicious, can I have my own look and feel for my mini-site?
Answer: As it stands today we are unable to provide a unique look and feel for your specific mini-site.  The effort required to implement would detract from our ability to provide great service at an amazing price.

We can however, include any specific branding you may have in the existing structure of your mini-site.  All you need to do is provide us with graphics sized to our specifications and we will place them on your pages.

Question: Will there be capability for me, as a coach, to have a Resource page of my own where there can be links to articles, journals or other sites?

Answer: That's another great question.  Yes each coach can have a Resource Page and you can link to journals, articles on other sites.  We would encourage coaches not to send traffic away from lifeelicious however and we reserve the right to impose restrictions.

Question: What's the process to have my site published after I sign up for any one of your packages?

Answer: That's a great question.  Thanks for asking.

Immediately after you sign up and make your payment, you will receive a package containing a guide on the step by step process to create your mini site, page by page. 

We provide tips on how to write for the web as well, to give you every opportunity to achieve the best outcome possible. 

We also provide templates to guide you and detailed instructions on how to create each simple component of each web page.

Once you have completed your pages, send them to us and we will post your site after reviewing your material and making small tweaks or adjustments where needed.

And... drum roll... poof... cloud of smoke... Your website is live!!

Question: How long will I have to wait to have my site published?

Answer: We make every effort to have all or some of your site published within 24 hours of receiving your material.  Of course if your material requires a lot of adjustment or is incomplete, it may take longer.

Question: If I Use your professional writing service, how long will I have to wait to have my completed pages written based on my notes and raw material?

Answer: Lead time on writing depends on workloads and can vary widely.  Depending on the quality of the original material and the amount of work already booked, you should plan on 1 week turnaround for finished work.

Prepackaged Websites

Question: I have seen web site services where clients are provided a site that can be set up quickly and content is already written to be used on the site as is or it can be modified before it is used.  It seems much simpler so why wouldn’t I use this type of service?
Answer: That's another great question.  In truth there are no shortcuts to building great sites.  If you want free traffic to your site resulting from searches on the major search engines, you must have great original content.  Google and the other search engines hate duplicated content.  In fact they will deliberately push you way down in the search results so that nobody will find you unless you pay for traffic.  In fact they can even detect duplicated content that has been modified from the original.

So, without buying traffic, you will have a nice site that nobody sees, just like having a beautiful store in the middle of the desert that nobody visits unless you fly them in.

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