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We love receiving coach testimonials.  We have said that Lifeelicious is a labour of love, and so it is.  It's all about bringing the best services possible, at affordable rates to our coaching friends and colleagues.  It's about removing the barriers to establishing and maintaining a web presence and allowing coaches to focus on their coaching practices.

Of course we love to get feedback.  It's the super additive to the fuel that drives us.  And we take great pride in receiving testimonials from coaches that use our services. 

We are happy to share them with you here.

What an honor it's been to be linked with Lifeelicious. I am quick to give my Lifeelicious website to prospective/interested clients because it quickly shows all that I offer as a life coach. 

With my photo, biography, testimonials and my specialty all easily accessible, I can't wait to share with others how I can better serve them as their life coach.

Frank and Cheryl have made the process easy, convenient, and quick to get my website up and running. They took the hassle out of having that huge hurdle to get through: they set up my new website for me. What a load taken off my mind. Set up and ready for viewing, I was now prepared to do what I did best: coach.

Thank you, Frank and Cheryl, you made my life easier. I can coach knowing my website is expertly set up, maintained, and ready for growth as I add more information to my site.

I'm proud to be a part of Lifeelicious. 


Laura Wilson, Life Coach

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