Expressing Daily Gratitude:
The Ultimate Guide

Original art by Cheryl Poulin

Experiencing and expressing daily gratitude is an acquired skill.  The good news is that with patience, it is a skill that anyone can master.  We have talked about the definition of gratitude, the benefits of living with an attitude of gratitude and how to create the habit of expressing gratitude every day.  We do hope that we have informed and inspired you.  So now what?  What do we do?

Here are ten steps you can take to develop a lifestyle where expressing daily gratitude is commonplace.  You might even think of them as ten steps to happiness.  Think of them as building blocks in creating the foundation of your grateful life.  They are not step-by-step.  They all work well together.

1.    Acknowledge The Whole Spectrum Of Life Experience Without Judgment

To appreciate the light you must sit in the dark.  Everything you experience and everyone you meet provides opportunities for you to learn.  Be grateful for those opportunities.  Do not shade and distort them with judgment.  Sometimes the gifts are found where you would rather not look.  Make  them a part of your daily gratitude.

2.    Reframe Experiences In A Positive Way

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin - As you travel through life you form opinions, beliefs and perspectives based on your experience and judgments.  These become filters through which you see and think about the world in your own unique way.  You shape your experience of reality by what you think.  You have the power to change those filters.  You have the power to choose a different thought and different perspective if you need it.  Use your power.  Choose a perspective that brings you joy.

3.    Watch Your Inner Dialogue - Practice Interruption Of Your Thoughts

How about that little voice in your head?  We all have one.  What is it saying?  Is it a critic?  Is it a pessimist?  How does it make you feel?  Does it give you anything to be grateful for?  You can change your inner dialogue if it is not serving you.  Don’t dismiss it.  Acknowledge it for what it has done for you.  Like appreciating the heat because you have experienced the cold, it has served you.  Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Be grateful for that.

4.    Be Careful With Comparisons – Compare Both Ways Up And Down

Comparing yourself with those who you perceive to have more of what you want creates need and a sense of lack.  Comparing yourself with others who you perceive to have less than you do creates gratitude.  Do you want to live in a world of lack or gratitude?  It’s your choice.

5.    Count Your Blessings - Be Mindful Of What You Have

Small things that sustain us count.  They add up.  They can become invisible.  Sometimes, it’s not until they’re gone that you realize their true value.  Don’t wait.  Acknowledge and take joy from their value now.

6.    Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

Those who have made this a practice will tell you it has changed their lives.  Make it a practice each day to acknowledge and be grateful for the abundance in your life. 

What is abundance?  It’s those riches and gifts that come from others, from your world, from situations, from your experiences, from your relationship with the universe and from yourself.  Acknowledge not only what they are, but WHY you are grateful.

7.    Write Thank You Notes

Without others we would not be here.  We are not alone and we are not independent.  We are in a continuous dance of giving and receiving… sometimes materially, sometimes emotionally, sometimes spiritually.

To embrace this reality is to acknowledge the value and beauty of both giving and receiving.  Show your gratitude.

8.    Pray

For many, prayer has a religious connotation.  For others who do not follow any formal religion, prayer may be recognition of a higher power, spirit or source.  Regardless, prayer acknowledges a connection to our sources of abundance for which we are grateful.  Take opportunity to express your gratitude.

9.    Meditate

For those who meditate, incorporate gratitude into your meditation.  For those who don’t meditate, maybe one day you will become aware of the wonderful benefits that meditation brings.

10.    Use Reminders to Stay on Track

As we get caught up in our busy day-to-day lives it is not uncommon for things to slip out of sight, out of mind and disappear… sometimes completely and forever.  This is particularly true in the early stages of creating a new habit.  A simple yet effective solution is to create reminders that once observed, refocus your attention on gratitude. 

These can take many forms.  How about a Gratitude Rock?  Find a small polished stone and carry it with you.  Whenever you feel it or see it you will be reminded that its purpose is to focus you on gratitude.  You can do the same with a special trinket.

There are apps for smart phones and tablets that can assist.  Just search the web and there they are. 

Post reminders in your calendar. 

Use Post It Notes or post other visible reminders in your home or car.

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