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It's amazing how we get to where we are.  Ready for a short biography? 

We are all at this place in our lives as a result of our own personal journey.  Every journey, like every stop along the way, is unique.  So is every outcome.  Who we are is a beautiful, complete, individual expression of the steps we have taken, the experiences we have had and the way we have seen and responded to our world.  We are like snowflakes, unique and temporary.

My journey started over 60 years ago.  It has been rich in a variety of ways.  Many things have come and gone in my life… careers, relationships, jobs, homes, businesses, money, marriages, just to name a few. 

It’s fair to say that many things have remained constant as well.  In many cases these are the values that anchor me and serve me well.  In other cases these are beliefs that propel me, or hold me back.  Like you, I am a work in progress… we all are.

So how did I arrive at coaching?  What brought me to this place?  Why am I here?

Although the journey was long, the answer is simple.  I was not happy.  When I looked back on my long and varied career, I realized that something serious was missing from my life.  I was not fulfilled.  Yes, I was successful.  I had made the money I needed to carve out a lifestyle I wanted.  I live in a nice home, nestled in nature in the country.  I am happily married to the wonderful woman I have been with for almost 30 years.  Still I was tired, I was burned out and I was uninspired.  What could it be?

I began to look back over my life to seek out answers.  A new reality began to emerge, first slowly, like a flower unfolding its petals towards the sun, until an undeniable truth was revealed.  A simple truth… I love to help people grow and succeed.  I also love to provide services that are valued.   I love the feeling that comes from being of service and value.  My experience of that in my career was fleeting at best.

So how had this truth eluded me?  I had spent almost my entire career providing services to big business and big government.  There were lots of big projects, studies, systems changes, reengineering, organizational changes and the like.  And although there was a personal element, most of this work was impersonal with a focus on getting the job done then getting out and on to the next. 

But this is also where I realized from where my real joy came.  I felt joy only when I was in a position to help somebody grow and show their true gifts and talents in any of the projects I ran.  I absolutely loved sharing my experience and encouraging their growth and development.  It just felt so right.

I have a friend who was at first, a client of mine.  He had seen me work up close on a number of projects over the years.  I now know that he saw me differently than I did at that time.  I was sharing my new found understanding of what makes me happy with him one evening when he suggested that I look into coaching.  I did.  I found iPEC.  And, as they say, the rest is history.

Coaching makes me very happy.  It brings me such joy that time stands still.  It honours who I am and validates the very special gifts and talents I bring to my clients.  It reconnects me to my Truth.  It allows me to serve my clients in ways that even I never dreamed possible. 

I have found my purpose. 

I am home. 

I am here to serve. 

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