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I love testimonials.  I love to receive them.  I love to read them.  As a coach, there is no better feeling than that of knowing you have helped someone make positive change in his or her life.  It is the reason I coach.  It fuels me.

Here are comments and reflections from some of those who have been coached by me.  I do hope you enjoy them and find benefit in them.

And, who knows, maybe soon you will be adding your voice to the growing chorus on this page as well.  There's a handy form at the bottom of this page.

What Clients Are Saying

I am blessed and ever-grateful to have Frank as a colleague, coach and friend.  With his strong intuition, complimented by his logic and open connection to emotion, Frank has all of the pieces needed to share with you a powerful, poignant coaching journey that will move you from where you are now, to where it is you want to be – from WHO you are now, to WHO it is you want to become.

Frank diligently builds on his innately strong foundation of the skills necessary to provide the most effective and efficient coaching experience, and as a masterful coach, these skills make for a very supportive, forward-facing, action-oriented partnership that will have you moving subtlety yet powerfully into the life that you want.

My client experience with Frank has been nothing short of invaluable.

Thank you Frank!


Everyday living is definitely a richer experience following the work we have done together.  I am truly intrigued by the possibilities I am uncovering in spite of myself.  After all many of us are masters at sabotaging our own dreams...


I worked with Frank as my coach for three months. By the end of our time together, I had become aware of a number of personal beliefs and resulting behaviors that were keeping me stuck in the past and preventing me from living the life I want.

Frank's insightful comments and thoughtful questions were key to my progress. Frank is an excellent listener; he is respectful, compassionate, intuitive, and encouraging. He kept our sessions on topic, and continually challenged and inspired me to move forward in a positive way.

Michael Elkin

I have no hesitation in recommending Frank Farrell to anyone looking for an experienced and committed coach.  I was coached by Frank over a three month period and I found every single session incredibly valuable.  

Frank approaches coaching with an abundant sense of empathy mixed with good humour.  What I value most about Frank is the ability to thread lightly when necessary and the confidence to ask difficult questions.

Frank's ability to hear the unspoken message is truly remarkable.  It is through his intuitive hits that I was able to achieve at least two personal break-throughs.  My coaching experience with Frank was intense at times, fun at times and surprisingly life enhancing at times.  

This to me pretty well sums up the coaching universe unfolding as it should.   And for that I will always be grateful to Frank for having shown me how such an honest and open exchange of understanding between a coach and a client can create miracles.

Lydia M.

Many thanks for your time and effort in coaching me, it was the best thing that happened to me at a right time in my life.

Frank, thank you again and wishing you a continued success in your work, you are an amazing individual and coach.

I am living the dream now!

Warm regards,


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