What Is A Health Coach?

By: Cheryl Poulin ELI-MP - Health and Wellness Coach

A question we hear quite often is, “What is a Health Coach? What do they do and how can they help anyone with health issues or concerns?” That is such a great question because it strikes to the heart of defining what a Life Coach really is.

First let’s start by saying what these specialized Coaches aren’t. They're not medical practitioners nor do they pretend to be. Let’s face it, medical doctors take years to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to monitor and test you and make recommendations about what you should do to improve your health. That usually comes as advice on what you should do or a prescribed treatment of medication.

A Certified Health and Wellness Coach, has the expertise to act as supplementary support and guidance AFTER the doctor’s visit to help you plan and create goals.

Unlike a doctor, we Health Coaches don’t give advice. Not even close!! So, what then do we do exactly? How can we help you?

A Certified Health and Wellness Coach, has the expertise to act as supplementary support and guidance AFTER the doctor’s visit to help you create goals, develop do-able plans and then put them into action.

Even better, he or she can work with you long before a visit with your Doctor to help you define your health goals, set out your plan and then work with you step-by-step to achieve what you so desire. Imagine, working with a Coach to achieve and maintain great health! Could fewer visits to the Doctor and great results from your annual checkup be in your future?

Your Doctor tells you WHAT to do.  Your Coach helps you DO IT!

Here in a nutshell is how Coaching works to help you. Your Doctor provides a useful and very important service to you. No one can assess your health better than your doctor. Your Coach is an expert in working with you to help you define your health goals, make plans and support and champion you as you execute them to achieve those goals. Your Doctor tells you WHAT to do. Your Coach helps you DO IT!

Here’s a typical scenario. John visits his family doctor who says, “John, you need to get that blood pressure down. And your weight is up! You’d better eat less and exercise more. Come back in a month, I want to have another look at that blood pressure.”

So John goes home and he has no clue how to implement what the doctor has told him to do. Furthermore, John may have tried to exercise in the past but he couldn’t stick with the program. He may have even tried a recommended low fat/low calorie conventional diet only to be ravenous and miserable all the time, so he simply quit.

And because he couldn’t sustain this way of eating or exercising for any length of time he now felt like a big fat failure. And of course any weight lost was immediately regained… And to top it off, his blood pressure rose as well. Talk about adding insult to injury!! John is thinking it might be easier to just take blood pressure medication and be done with it.

Talk about adding insult to injury!!

Or maybe it's Joan who is experiencing serious mood swings because of menopause. There are medications that can be prescribed by a medical doctor to mask her symptoms. Or she could see a nutritionist and be told what and how to eat. Heck, maybe a psychologist is what Joan needs for these moods of hers. After all everybody is telling her she’s hard to live with these days!

Yet Joan doesn’t want to avoid the natural rhythm of her body. She’s absolutely not willing to take drugs but she needs to put a plan in place to work things through. She’s at wits end. She wants real help.

And here’s where Health and Wellness coaching can be of great service. A Certified Coach can help both John and Joan by taking them from where they are today and moving them forward in a way that will work for each of them individually. A Coach can help them achieve health goals such as losing a specific number of pounds or improving health indicators such as blood pressure.

A Health Coach is a master at helping create a plan to achieve your goals by helping create necessary steps such as, becoming more active, eating what YOUR body needs, etc. all at a pace tailored to you.

When you work with a Health Coach you are always in control.

Good health has a lot to do with good attitude. Coaches know if something is eating you on the inside, chances are you are not feeling as healthy as you should or would like to feel. As a client of a Certified Health Coach you will learn what works for you by understanding your internal drivers and blocks by working from the inside out

When you work with a Health Coach you are always in control. As coaches we know that our clients have their answers within them. We simply help them draw the answers out. How freeing it is to not be a victim.

Imagine the power of owning your own plan and the outcomes you achieve. Imagine how empowered you can be when you have someone working with you every step of the way on your journey towards better health.

Now is the time to get your health in order. Contact a Professional Health Coach now.

Put health and wellness coaching to work for you.

By: Cheryl Poulin ELI-MP - Health Coach

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