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Hi, I'm Laura Wilson.  I am happy to share these testimonials with you from a few of my clients. 

Sometimes a helping, empathetic hand can make all of the difference.  I am always thrilled to know that I have made a difference in someone's life.

Testimonials From Some Of My Clients

'Being coached by Laura was an authentic experience; what a tremendous heart she has. She is dedicated to the task at hand...it was an uplifting experience. There was freedom in words, to talk and get all that out brought me freedom'

   -Dawn Lewis

Laura was my Peer Coach for a 3 month period. She helped me very much in many areas of my personal and professional life. However the area that Laura helped me with the most was my relationship with my kids.

Being a father of 4 kids I had many situations to face every day. Laura helped me to see those situations in a different way, to release my catabolic energy and to be more effective with them.

Laura is a great listener, she has excellent coaching skills, she has the necessary education and being a mother of 4 kids has the life experience to be very effective in her coaching.

I strongly recommend Laura as a coach!

Stratos Kalpakidis


Wanted to thank you for a FAB session on Friday ~ it really was an extremely beneficial session ~ and I think you are a phenomenal coach. I look forward to being a part of your successful growth!

Have a fab weekend :-)


Laura is so much more than an amazing coach... she masterfully balances the tough love that I need with the genuine support that I want. She has incredible intuition ~ knowing exactly what I need to hear, and exactly which powerful questions to ask to get right to the heart of the matter. Through our work together she has led me to a place of greater clarity, increased confidence, and inner peace. She is there to encourage, but also to hold me accountable to continually being in growth and action. I can't even tell you how many powerful 'aha' moments I have had since we started working together! Laura has been both my secret sauce and my saving grace. I am so grateful to have her in my corner.  

~ Carol Schulte, Founder of empsire.

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