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Navigating Life with a child with Learning Issues

Do you have children with learning issues?  Did I hear "Yes"?

My name is Laura Wilson and I’m a certified life coach trained to help parents just like you.

I specialize in helping parents of children with learning disabilities take back their lives of confusion, loneliness, isolation, and SELF DOUBT to living a more peaceful life of control, CONFIDENCE and a place of peace.

As a mom of four kids, two with learning disabilities, I’ve navigated life’s challenges, and I was constantly reassessing and doubting myself on choices I made for my child, myself, and my home life. I craved a voice to be heard, and I needed a healthier way to manage life’s daily trials.

And I get how it feels not knowing what I need or how to get it while living the life as a parent of a child with learning issues. Lonely, depressed and angry, I was no good to anyone.

I understand how difficult home life can be trying to meet your child’s needs while your own needs fall to the wayside. I know how communication between spouses and partners can easily deteriorate.

While trying to keep up appearances, I was searching for an outlet from my emotion packed days. The movies, shopping, eating, emailing. All left me feeling empty; a shell of a mom. Usually no more energized, I was feeling less than a mom and wife. The communication with my husband was edgy and full of contempt, regret, and finger-pointing.

But I broke through these barriers to reach a place of harmony and peace. With my Five Phases to Navigating Life with a Child with Learning Issues I created, I have paved a smooth path for others to create a life where you are not only managing life’s challenges but thriving in the midst of these challenges

When things in the home escalate, or when my husband and I can’t find a middle ground in problem solving, my structured and educational Five Phases to Navigating Life with a Child with Learning Issues helps me stay on task and remember what’s important for my child, my family and myself. I take peace knowing I can negotiate what life gives me because my coping skills are in place using my Five Phases to Navigating Life with a Child with Learning Issues.

As a coach I can help you on your journey as a parent with kids who have learning disabilities.

I will coach you on how to regain your freedom to enjoy, relax, and have confidence in yourself as a parent and spouse. I will coach you on how to find resources through schools, the medical community and support systems in friends and family.

You will take action from your life of loneliness and helplessness to a life of joy and harmony.

My Five Phases to Navigating Life with a Child with Learning Issues:

  • Community (Knowledge) Know your outlets in the medical community, and understand the school systems. Find what is offered and seek that help for your child. Be your child’s best advocate.
  • Meeting regularly (Structure) Seek out like minded groups for support. Meet with your medical specialists, teachers, and with like-minded parents.
  • Implement strategies (Communication) Learn how to schedule your days. Create better communicate between husband and wife and communicate with your child(ren). Learn how to maintain positive flowing information with teachers and medical professionals.
  • Crave the peace (Stress reducers) Exercise, get coached, eat healthy, enjoy hobbies, have more date nights.
  • Breathe in the calm. (Fun outs) Know how to relax, relate and respond in a healthy way with a child with learning disabilities.

I coach parents on how to get these results by implementing my Five Phases to Navigating Life with a Child with Learning Issues so you can start seeing results. And through the process I’ll coach, educate, support and, should you agree, hold you accountable on implementing these phases to achieve the balance and harmony in your life as you navigate the road with a child with learning disabilities.

My program is designed to help you navigate the 5 phases. It’s designed to get results.

All steps are action oriented, that is, they lead you to take action, get control in your life, and achieve harmony in your home. These action oriented steps are a process that will take you to where you would like your life to be.

Once you recognize the stages and relate to each phase, you will have the courage and strength to move to the next level in your journey to finding peace and harmony in your home.

Contact me. I want to show you how easy your journey can become and how quickly you can regain harmony and peace into your emotionally and physically packed days as a parent of a child with learning issues.

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