My Life Lesson From Garbage

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You never know when a life lesson will show up.  It's true, you just don't know.  Here’s an example.

When you do a good deed it leaves you feeling good, right?  So, what happens when you do a good deed without intending to?  How do you feel?  Well, as it turns out, that is a matter of choice.  And as coaches, we know that having the power to choose is the greatest power of all.

So, what’s the life lesson here, anyway?  

Monday was garbage day.  I placed three garbage cans at the end of our driveway along with our recyclables.  We live in a sparsely populated country setting and the road is 150 feet from our house.  Although our garbage cans were 23 years old they were in fantastic condition.  Those Rubbermaid cans do last!  “The cans WERE 23 years old?” you may be thinking.  Yes, “were” is the word, since they have disappeared!  There was no wind and I checked the ditches so I strongly suspect they were stolen… or would that be, involuntarily donated?  Yes, that's how I define an unintentional good deed.  But how should I feel?

What Would You Do?

If your garbage cans were stolen, how would you react?  Many people would react with: “What!  Why did this happen to me?  How could they do this to me?  What a rotten world I live in.”  That reaction would be very much in the role as victim to this “crime”.  

Alternatively, others might react with anger, saying: “Those thieving SOB’s!  I hate thieves!  I hope they rot in Hell!  If I ever get my hands on them…!”  Sound familiar?  There’s no doubt that either of these reactions may feel very natural to most people… but at what cost?  As it turns out, at great cost and there’s a good life lesson here.  

As Core Energy Coaches(TM) we know that the energy around being a victim or being angry is destructive energy.  We even have a name for it.  We call it “catabolic energy.”  Destructive energy prevents you from feeling joy, prevents you from moving forward, prevents you from being creative and prevents you from enjoying long-term success, health and happiness.  When you react with destructive energy, or catabolic energy as we call it, it does not serve you well at all.  It holds you back.  It blocks you.

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So, in a sense, the theft continues long after the cans are gone… first you lose your garbage cans and then you lose your happiness and sense of well being.  Is it really worth it?  What other choices do you have?  Is there a life lesson here?  Great questions, aren’t they?

Here is what I know.  We all want to be happy.  It's why we're here.  Being made a victim or feeling anger are not pleasant feelings.  Given a choice, we would rather feel joy.  “Given a choice?  You mean we have a choice?” I hear you saying.  The good news is yes YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

You Have Choices

As coaches we work with clients to help them become aware and to live consciously.  We help our clients become aware of how they are showing up in the world… what impact their energetic presentation has on themselves, those around them and their overall happiness, success and health.  As a result our clients learn to be aware of their energy and to consciously choose energy that serves them best in any situation.  They learn to choose how to RESPOND rather than REACT.  It makes a world of difference.

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So… what’s this got to do with stolen garbage cans?  Everything!  Rather than REACTING with the catabolic energy associated with being a victim or being angry, what if we chose a different RESPONSE?  What if we chose a healthy, anabolic, energy that fuels us and helps us grow… an energy that actually makes us feel good?  

What does it feel like to know that you do have choice?  How is it possible to feel good when someone steals from you?

A Life Lesson On How To Choose A Beneficial Response

The Catabolic View

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Consider this carefully.  We create our reality based on what we believe, think, feel and do.  Even if you are having difficulty understanding or believing the previous statement, please stay with me here… you may gain new insight and open the door to more happiness.  There is a real life lesson here.

So back to the stolen garbage cans…

Imagine that you believe you live in a world that is hostile, where people take advantage of you, where people cannot be trusted, where it’s “dog eat dog”, where you have to compete or do without.  How would believing your world is like that shape your thinking? 

It would not be surprising that you would think that some people you meet cannot be trusted, that they will take advantage of you, that they will win and you will lose or that they have to lose in order for you to win.  It would not be surprising that you would think that you have little control over your life and that you have suffered “bad luck” from time to time. 

If you think in those terms it would be completely understandable for you to feel fear, anger, doubt or even a sense of hopelessness.  And based on those feelings, how do you think you would act?

It would be natural for most people to act defensibly by holding back some or all of the truth or to freeze into inaction or explode in angry aggression or to compete to win by forcing their competitor to lose.

With the stolen garbage cans we would either be a victim (why me?) or angry (those rotten SOB’s).

The Life Lesson Continues -
The Anabolic View

What happens when we choose to believe in a different view of the world?  “What’s the point in that?” you may be thinking.  Well, what if it contributed to you being happier?  What benefit would you receive from that? 

Let’s try a different belief and see what happens.  If you have difficulty here, all I ask is that you pretend to believe what you are about to read as if it were true, and imagine what it would feel like.

Okay, here goes… Imagine you believe the world is neither good nor bad… it just is.  Everything that happens is for a reason and contributes to your learning and growth. I realize this is a stretch, but please stay with me. 

So how would this belief shape your thinking as a result of your garbage cans being stolen?  Are you ready for this life lesson?

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Your thoughts might be something like this… “That’s strange. I wonder where my garbage cans are?  Let me check the ditches.  No, they’re not there.  I guess they’ve been stolen.  I wonder what’s that’s all about?  I wonder what the life lesson is here?  How can I put this experience to good use?  I guess I have to buy new garbage cans.  Well, at least now I don’t have to drag them back to the house.”

Based on those thoughts, what feelings and emotions would you experience?  Chances are you would feel surprised and curious. Then you might feel creative as you look for ways to make use of the experience.

And from those feelings, what actions would you take?  You would likely make a mental note to not leave the garbage cans at the end of the driveway any longer than necessary.  You would go shopping for replacements.  You would be inspired to write this piece as a means of sharing a life lesson about how choosing a positive energetic response can have a major positive impact on your life.

So What's The Life Lesson?

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Whether you are aware of it or not, you create your reality based on the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions that are reflected in your energetic profile. 

If you want to improve your outcomes, your happiness, your success and your life in general, change the beliefs that shape your thoughts.  Change your thoughts, change your life. 

Do you want to know where you sit on your energetic profile?  Do you want a coach who can help you raise your anabolic energy and improve the outcomes in your life?  Do you want to be happier and more successful? 

Look for a coach with an ELI-MP certification.  They are equipped with the tools and knowledge to change your life at its core.   

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