Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Here are some thoughts on overcoming low self esteem.  I'm presenting them as tips or ideas for you to explore and then use as a means of moving forward.  Even small attitudinal shifts can, over time, add up to a lot of personal growth.

Don't Hang Out With Turkeys

There is a saying that goes something like this..." If you want to fly like an eagle stop hanging out with turkeys."   So what do I mean by that?  If in your life you've attracted people who continually put you down, second-guess your abilities and who fail to champion you, why hang around with them?  Make new connections to people who radiate positive and supportive energy. 

Being A Doormat And People Pleaser

People who are working on overcoming low self esteem will recognize a pattern of being people pleasers.  Everyone else comes first and at the end of the day there is nothing left for yourself.  You've given all of your energy to try and please others.  At worst, you just laid there like a doormat while people walked all over you.

You can be a really nice person without losing yourself in the process.  You have the right to say no and to voice your needs just as much as the next person.  You have values, you have opinions, you have important things you want to do.  Think of yourself first.  I know for some it's hard to do, but explore what it would be like to just take or ask for what you need.

Time For A Stern Chat With Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner voice that is sometimes less than pleasant to listen to.  For someone with low self esteem that critic is a constant companion.  It's there trying to do its job to protect you from making a fool of yourself or to keep you from appearing dumb.  The problem is that the critic doesn't even give you a chance to shine.  It believes the very worst will happen when there is nothing to support such an outcome.  You're doomed before you even start.

Shine Like A Diamond

You are a shiny, brilliant human being.  Get comfortable just being you and stop emulating others.  You're more than good enough just being you.  There is no other like you.  You're special.  Embrace your authenticity and just revel in all that makes you uniquely you.  These are key ingredients on your journey to overcoming low self esteem.

Your Opinion Matters

Other people may have opinions about what you should do, how you should be, what career you should follow, what weight you should be....they "should" all over you.  Well, the truth is, the only opinion that matters is your own.  Living your life based on what others think you should do is a wasted life.  You were born perfect and with free will to choose everything you desire in your life.  So don't let others tell you what to do and don't you go around "should-ing" yourself either.

It Has To Be Just Right All The Time

Cut yourself some slack.  No one gets everything just right and perfect 100% of the time.  Everyone messes up and sometimes in big ways.  Sure it hurts and can be humiliating but don't stay in that space.  Brush yourself off, square your shoulders and try again.  Believe me, everyone has failed at something before they got it just right.  Don't give up so easily.  Keep moving forward.

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