Queen Laura

I love this site - what a great idea.

I have a celebration: I finally got my Harley ride w/a true bad a## biker tonight. Tattoos head to toe, really mean looking, but a true teddy bear on the inside. I had the BEST time. And I needed to share!

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Jun 27, 2013
writing on my niche
by: Laura Wilson

I'd be honored to write a piece about my niche. Please include words you'd like to have included in the article.
I'd like to submit it to you - tell me the best way to do that before anyone sees it.
Can't wait to get started, this is an exciting opportunity, Laura

Jun 22, 2013
Gotta Love a Hog
by: Frank

Hey Lura,

"Queen Laura, Biker Chick"... who knew!? Sounds like you are having a blast. What a great way to start your summer.

Thanks for you comment on this site. It is encouraging. This is the site that will provide each coach a "mini-site" of 10 to 12 pages to promote their coaching services. Lots of work to do but it is coming very soon.

This site will also feature lots of content on life issues, circumstances or realities where coaching may be able to help. We need that content to draw traffic. I will be asking many of my peers to contribute content.

How about you? How would you like to write 500 to 1000 words on your niche and specialty?

Actually that offer is open to anyone who would like to contribute. You are the first I have solicited. The only condition is that I reserve the right to edit to ensure a consistent "voice" for that part of the site and proper keyword placement if required.

If anyone is interested in writing, let me know what your niche and specialty is and I will provide you with a few keywords to use in your piece.

That's it for now.

Rock on QLBC :-)


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