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Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you cannot move, like in a sand or snow bank? That no matter what you did your wheels just keep spinning and spinning, yet you are stationery in the same place? You cannot advance. You have not moved. You accelerate your efforts and it results in your going deeper, you brake and you skid, you shift gears and you twist and turn, you reverse and still cannot move.
The more energy you exert the deeper you go. After a while when you have depleted yourself of resources, you have no more energy and your battery dies down. At this time you are so deep, and fraught with frustration that you are not able to focus on getting yourself out of the hole that you dug for yourself.  What do you do? Turn off your ignition and abandon your personal efforts to get out of the hole. You call for assistance and a tow truck comes to move you.

We experience similar situations in our personal and professional lives. Like the tow truck, Coaching can accelerate your transition and move you from stagnation to where you want to be faster than you think! Again like the tow truck I come fully equipped to move you from one situation to the next, by using tried and tested state of the art mind/body/brain and Core Energy LeadershipĂ”  techniques, I rewire my clients to charge their inner dynamos, to realize their life goals, regain focus so that they work at higher levels of energy and consciousness, harnessing their unique gifts to bring about sustainable changes in their personal and professional life.


The key to igniting the engine is the desire to make a difference using the principles of Core Energy Leadership to reengage the focus of my clients to achieving their goals.

My focus is on coaching executives in the junior to middle level, to steer them towards achieving alignment between their goals and the true meaning of their lives. In my coaching style I play the role of active partner in the development of a vision, through strategic modalities and interventions that change the lens from which they view the world.  They learn to recharge their batteries or to install a new dynamo providing them with the impetus to get unstuck and take quantum leaps forward.

Coach Service Offerings

  • Anger Management
  • Life Transitioning

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