Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

Here’s an interesting exercise and some tips for overcoming procrastination that I hope you'll find helpful.  Get a pad of paper and create 2 columns.  Column on the left is “What’s holding me back? /  What excuses am I making?”  Column on the right is “What’s in my control? How can I change this?”  At the very top of the page write down your ultimate goal… for example “Lose 60 Pounds” or “De-Clutter Garage”, “Sell the Dang Car”. 

For your convenience you can download and print a free PDF Worksheet here.

Take time out and make an honest list of what’s holding you back and dig down deep inside not just for solutions, but for the feelings you are experiencing as well.  Make notes where you realize you may require some extra help.  Perhaps you'll identify emotional triggers and understand what the payoff is for not taking action.

Wait until the next day (procrastinators love this) before taking the next step to your ultimate goal.  The list you made needs to percolate and seep into your subconscious overnight. That’s when solutions to challenges come through.  That’s when a clearer understanding of emotions can take place.  At least that’s what works for me and for many of my clients.  It’s wonderful to wake up knowing what needs to be done and how you’ll go about doing it.

In the morning, imagine the feeling you will experience when the action you want to take is already done.  Really focus on what it will be like to have reached that goal.  Pretend it's already achieved. Then identify the first thing you need to do to move toward your goal.

In the case of “Lose 60 Pounds”, you’re going to need to start with a realistic first step.  Let’s say you decide to take a 15 to 30 minute walk every day.  Pay attention to what comes up for you.  Write your feelings and your thoughts down.  Don’t be surprised if it’s something like  “I’ve tried this before and I can never stick with it.”  “Where can I find a half an hour in my extremely busy day?”  “I don’t have any decent shoes for walking.”

Then examine what you wrote and look for solutions.  Always, always look for the solutions even if they feel funny or silly or impossible.  You're just exploring the possibilities!

As for “I don’t have the right shoes.”  Solution may be that your next action step is to go buy comfortable walking shoes (get good socks too!)  And then you can start your walks.

As a coach I hear this one a lot!  “I’m SO busy!”  Solution is to examine how much time you spend on e-mail, social media or watching TV.  Somewhere in there exists a precious ½ hour, I know it!  Go for your walk and drag your spouse and children with you if you must.  Make it fun.

I hope these tips for overcoming procrastination help not only with your weight loss goals, but in all areas of your life.  By all means consider hiring a coach who will help you stay motivated and keep you moving toward your ultimate dream and hold you accountable for your actions.  No more putting things off to later.  All you have is now.

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