Website Development - A Typical Approach

The Build It Yourself Approach

When it comes to website development, we have to get something out of the way immediately.  There is no doubt that you can build your own site quite successfully.  Let’s be clear about that before we go any further.  We are not here to tell you that you can’t achieve great success by developing your own website.  It’s simply not true… you can.  We know that for a fact.

So, here’s a question for you: “Why do so many fail or achieve only mediocre success?  Why do the websites they create fall short and deliver far less than their fullest potential?”

The answer can be found in the tools and training used by many in developing websites.

Here is a somewhat typical approach to developing your own website:

  1. Ask a friend whom they recommend and based on their answer, pick a host.
  2. Pick a domain name and register it at GoDaddy, or GatorHost or BlueHost or someone of that nature based on friend’s recommendation.
  3. Begin to build an inexpensive or “free” website that’s supposed to be quick and easy.
  4. Discover a wide range of “How to” advice from multiple, conflicting sources on the web.
  5. Spend far more time than you planned figuring out how to do it.
  6. Delay business cards because you don’t have a site to send visitors to, or...
  7. Send visitors to a site that says: “Under Construction”… A big marketing no no!
  8. Build site using some guidance and trial and error approach.
  9. Resolve the occasional bugs and glitches.
  10. Become excited by how slick it looks.
  11. Add content and wait for traffic.
  12. Add more content and wait for traffic.
  13. Tell your friends and wait for traffic.
  14. Use trial and error to introduce new things to generate traffic.
  15. Continue to wait for traffic.
  16. Spend additional money for additional services to generate traffic.
  17. Wait for results…
  18. A year or two later begin thinking: “Maybe I should redo my website.”

What If I Have Someone Build It For Me?

You are far too busy or simply not inclined to build your own website.  That’s true for many people.  Building websites is not for everyone.  And so it makes sense to have someone build it for you.  But where do you turn?

You check out a few development services, but they seem to be quite expensive.  It can’t cost that much… there’s no way it’s worth it!  There must be a less expensive alternative.  Well there’s the neighbours son, he seems to know about these things.  Or there’s a nephew or a niece or maybe your son.

If you’re fortunate, it may work out okay.  But did you get what you really wanted?  Were they able to tell you what was possible for your site?  Are you using the full potential of the web to market and support your business?  It wasn’t that expensive, but was it good value?

Here is a somewhat typical approach to having someone develop your website:

  1. Find someone online or from word of mouth or find a family member or friend.
  2. Tell them about your vision
  3. Tell them what you want
  4. Listen to their “technical” interpretation of your requirements
  5. Half understand their techno babble – eyes glaze over
  6. Fall into the “She’s so smart she must be right” syndrome… okay, we know, it could be a He.
  7. Select a domain name and host
  8. Begin to develop the website
  9. It’s taking longer than you expected
  10. It doesn’t look quite like you expected
  11. The costs are beginning to creep up as well.
  12. You discover you really can’t justify the cost of doing everything you intended
  13. Oh well, I guess this will have to do.
  14. Three years later think… I really should revisit my website.  Maybe I will redo it.

We Have A Far More Effective Approach To Website Development 

You can have spectacular success!  Whether you want to build your website yourself or you want us to build all or part of it for you, we can boost your success. 

We can show you how to succeed.  We can provide you with a step-by-step process to success.  Want to learn more?  Stay with us.

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