Wait!  Wait!  Don’t Buy Just Yet!!
Don't You Want To Know What Happens When You Join Us?

So you are about to spend your hard earned cash and join the Lifeelicious family.  We are so happy to see you.  Welcome.  We know you are going to be very well served here.

Of course it’s perfectly natural for you to be wondering what happens next.  Well, give us a moment and we’ll explain.  Yes we will give you the inside scoop, just like a magician reveals the secrets to his biggest illusions.  But there are no illusions here.  Not one!  This is all very real.

Here’s how it works… you provide the content for your website pages and we build them for you.  Couldn’t be simpler.  There is nothing technical to learn or worry about.  And that is particularly important when you consider all the other things you have to learn and master.

Drum roll... here is... the step-by-step process revealed. 

1. You choose the level of service you want and also decide if you want to pay every month or once per year. It's a little less expensive if you pay once per year since we have less administrative overhead and we pass that saving on to you.

2. Once you have paid for your service by using PayPal or any major credit card, you will receive a link to download a Guide to assist you in creating the content for your mini website. Click on the link and you will receive the Guide in MS Word format.

3. Read the Guide completely to get a sense of what lies ahead. It's a short read… honest.

4. The Guide will provide you with tips on how to write for the web. Follow those tips. They are very useful and will allow you to write content that is compelling to read by visitors to your mini-site.

5. The Guide will also specify the elements that make up each page of your mini-site and show you how to create them. It's quite simple actually. I mean… a Name, a Header, a Description and the page content… how difficult can it be?

6. The Guide provides detailed instructions on how to order your Booking and Calendaring System if you choose to add one for online booking of coaching appointments.

7. The Guide provides contact information on how to reach us and where to send your content for us to publish live on www.Lifeelicious.com.

8. Depending on our workload, we will publish what you send to us within a day or two or possibly three.

9. And you don't have to wait until you have everything ready. You can send us each page as soon as you have completed it and are ready to have it go "live" on the web.

And that’s it.  Simple as 1 to 9.  Lifeelicous.  How sweet it is.

I want to be a part of Lifeelicious.  Sign me up!!

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